Ginza Shoga-in, Art School. 

All members of Ginza Shoga-in are looking for an aesthetic quality intheir daily lives.
We hope they find a treasure of human life in Ginza Shoga-in. We respect their personalities and identities. This is because each human has each different character.
We hope they feel free and try to create their own art works in Ginza Shoga-in. Everybody has a great sense of art. Art does not have one answer. Open your own feeling and own ability of art! We can support your challenge by our various programs, such as Painting, Calligraphy and Crafts course. We believe you enjoy and learn various kinds of techniques and ideas of Art.

絵 Painting
In the painting class, you can choose your favorite painting technique in many courses. Oil, Japanese painting “Nihon-ga”, Water color, Acrylic, Pastel, Drawing, Egg Tempera, Botanical art, Etching and Abstract.

書 Japanese Calligraphy
In the calligraphy class, these courses are available: Chinese Classical Style ( Kai-sho, Gyo-sho, Sou-sho, Lei-sho, Ten-sho), Japanese Classical Style (Hiragana), Sumi-e(Japanese painting), Seal-engarving.

About Ginza Shoga-in
An artist Tarohei Nakagawa founded the school for people who seriously want to study art. Over 10000 people already enjoyed art in the school. Art School Ginza has tried to bridge between art and society. Our school is located in Ginza, the center of Tokyo. We believe you can create your own art work in this good location and good studio space.

About our various art courses
You can choose any times, any days and any courses.
You can begin to create your work any times and any days! We always welcome you to Ginza Shoga-in. We explain and show you how much our school is nice to you. Please visit Ginza Shoga-in! Please e-mail us anytime. We will make a reservation for you. Thank you.