Painting course

About Painting Class

Express yourself on canvas.It is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? If you want to paint and do not know how to do that, please visit and work in Art School Ginza.We instructors advise you what kind of material or pigment is the best for you.We instructors hope all students enjoy creating art in Art School Ginza.We are pleased to advice you how to choose material, pigment and size for your work.In the school we always respect your artistic philosophy and help your visual expression and artistic achievement. Please ask us any questions about art!

What is to learn painting?
We know you want to learn how to paint technically. However it is a more important thing to realize how to improve yourself through relating with art.This is our principle of art life following these principle of art masters.

Choice of your favorite painting styles

Please choose what kind of painting classes you want to take.
You will be able to imagine what you want to do in our painting class in Art School Ginza.
You can choose these 2 ways of learning painting of Art School Ginza.

  1. You can plan what you want to paint by yourself and our instructors will support your idea.
  2. You will learn our basic painting program and develop your technique with our instructors’ advising.
What kind of painting techniques you want to have ?

There are many various techniques and styles of painting, so you can choose and try anything you want. You are always free in the class of Art School Ginza

If you do not have any ideas what you paint, you will be able to begin with a basic drawing or you can ask our instructors anything you want.

What do you want to paint ?

If you do not have this, please face to yourself and look for many interesting things in your daily life. Talk to yourself. Face yourself. Love yourself.In our painting class of Art School Ginza, you will be able to work with your best things.


You will learn a basic technique of drawing, such as forming, composing, shading, 3D expressing etc. This is a good start for beginners of drawing or painting.

Oil Painting

You will learn from a basic technique of oil painting. From classical to contemporary, oil painting styles have changed and developed through long history. You will able to find your own style through various experiences of painting.


You will learn a basic watercolor technique of both transparent and gouache paints. This class has various programs, such as painting still life, landscape, figure, botanical art etc.

Japanese painting "Nihonga"

You will be able to learn a traditional technique of Japanese painting. Various styles from the classical to contemporary are available in this class.

Acrylic painting

Acrylic paint has many possibilities of expression. There are many mediums for acrylic painting so you can have various textures for your works. In this class, you will learn various techniques and possibilities of acrylic expression through working with many kinds of subjects.


Pastel. Edger Dogas had beloved pastel for a long time. This art medium has bright tones and expresses dynamic impression. You can use pastel easily and capture images momentality.

Egg Tempera

You will learn a traditional style of technique of Tempera. There are different Tempera styles depends on time and countries. In this class, you will be able to express with various characters of this historical painting.


Etching is the process of using acid and cutting a metal surface to draw your design. Developing your etching idea into photographic and computer graphic images.

For Students

Preparing for art school’s examinations. If you are interested in Japanese art school and want to prepare for the examinations.we stuff will be able to help you.

Abstract painting

In the end of the 19th century JMW Turner felt to create a “new kind of art” and Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso developed it. The beginning of the 20th century Wassily Kandinsky finally presented his painting as an abstract painting.

Botanical art

Botanical art. Illustrating botanical subjects such as trees and flowers. You will be required artistic skill and attention to fine detail. Please do not hesitate but enjoy a relationship with botany.

Buddhism Painting

You will be able to learn various styles of Buddhism painting based on the spirit of Buddhism religion. After learning our fundamental program, you are able to express your own style and paint freely with your own spirit.


1 Lesson 3hours.Each monthly fee will be withdrawn from your bank account by 27th of the previous month by the UFJ NICOS bank account transfer system. Material charges are not included in the tuition. Please prepare your own materials.The payment for materials and/or tools purchased at our school will be added to the sum that is to be withdrawn from your account in the month following your purchase.

Entry fee¥20,000
1 time a month¥9,0002 times a month¥12,0003 times a month¥15,000
4 times a month¥18,0006 times a month¥22,0008 times a month¥28,000
※Tax not included

Application form

We always welcome you to Art School Ginza. We explain and show you how much our school is nice to you. Please visit Art School Ginza! Please e-mail us anytime. We will make a reservation for you. Thank you. ※English-speaking staff available on Wednesday.

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  • 1 lesson : 3 hours Flex time
  • *Art lessons in English could be provided only on Wednesdays, 10:00-17:00. (Fukushima)
  • Japanese painting lesson: Iwabe (Mon), Tashiro (Fri), Tashiro (Sun)
  • Saturday and Sunday are closed at 20:00.